smart hotel automation - smart home technology

1. How smart home technology can help your home lifestyle:

Smart technology is a way of connecting your home through innovative technology to control and give homeowners an “on-demand access to various systems throughout your home. From video, data, telephone, wireless, security, climate, lighting and other home lifestyle factors that affect you and your family’s daily life.

Smart home technology can help your home run more efficiently. Also helping family members live in total comfort while at home or away.

2.  Innovative controls in your kitchen:

Your kitchen has always been “command central” when it comes to cooking, entertaining, enjoying family discussions and more. You will be surprised how smart technology pairs with your favorite appliances faucets, and cooktop.Surfaces can be controlled through smart technology.

Many homes have their smart tablet or keypad built into the wall in the kitchen to have access of other parts of the home. Many homeowners prefer the on-screen directions of their refrigerator that can access the internet, can play music. Or they can watch their favorite cooking television program – right on the screen of their refrigerator.

3. Saving energy and controlling safety in the kitchen:

Many homeowners think that smart technology is only for people who want to have a remote control to everything! On the contrary, many smart home technologies actually help keep your family safe while saving you water and energy in the kitchen.

Induction cooktops are one of these examples that produce heat that only heats the cookware when the metal comes in contact with the induction cooktop surface. This means a safer kitchen to work in, and less heat being generated for comfort while cooking.

4. Smart home convenience wherever you are:

While the kitchen has many amenities for your smart home tastes, all homeowners should assess their lifestyle. To see what amenities would best fit their home and family.  If you’d like to control music, lighting, visual entertainment throughout your home, temperature or security systems. You can hire total smart home consultants who can walk you through the benefits of different configurations.

While you may think that a smart phone activated security system is overkill. You may reconsider if you have school-aged children that come home from school before you come home from work, or if you travel often. Assess what smart home functions will work best for you.

5. Controlling your faucets and bathing experience in a smart bathroom:

There aren’t too many homeowners who don’t love total comfort and relaxation in their bathrooms. Smart home technology is the perfect way to be able to not only control your bathing experience while lounging in the tub. But you can also control your shower’s temperature, spray, steam, audio, and lighting of your shower, all at the touch of a button.

If you share your bathroom, why not program each users favorite settings and have your favorite music cued through sound tile speakers? That’s what smart home technology can offer in your bathing routine.

6. Water savings made easy with smart home technology:

While enjoying your bathroom is one topic, enjoying the savings on your monthly water bill is another. Instead of dreading your water usage each month, take advantage of smart water fixtures that use less water. But have larger water droplets to produce a more luxurious experience? One example are Delta Brizo brand faucets that offers a H2Okinetic® shower heads that sculpt the water into a unique wave pattern, creating the feeling of more water without using more water.

Other faucets can turn on and off automatically by motion and the temperature of the water can be seen by a color LED light indicator. Before putting your hands under the water. These smart technologies ensure a better and safer user experience and less water wasted – all at once.

7. Cooling and heating your home the smart way:

Your daily home can use a lot of energy for cooling and heating to keep your family comfortable in all seasons and climates of the world. In order to do this without costing a fortune for fluctuations of outdoor air temperatures. Your home can have smart technology that helps you control and monitor your energy usage with thermostats such as the Nest learning thermostat.

It “learns” your family’s lifestyle and connected to a Wi-Fi connection enables homeowners to control settings from any internet enabled smart device. Register your email and home location and you will get monthly energy usage reports. Energy usage reportssent to you directly to see how you compare with other homeowners in your city.

8. “Smart” heating and cooling through architecture and design:

Other creative ideas for helping homeowners with heating and cooling doesn’t involve innovative electronics. Rather placement of windows and doors and the position of your home can help take advantage of nature’s seasons and temperature changes naturally.

A passive house is designed to maximize its ability to heat itself in winter and cool itself in summer. This is designed by careful consideration of a home’s site and how the sun moves across the sky, where the trees and other vegetation are located, where the winter winds come from, etc.

This “smart” technology of this Passive House is an example of using the Earth’s resources and adapting our home’s to work with nature.

9.) Smart innovation on its way into home design:

Many smart home ideas are out in the commercial world but haven’t been adapted for residential use. But the reality isn’t far into the future. Coffee tables that enable you to control your home. Surf the internet, and entertain your guests are already being used in hotels, casinos and hospitality industries.

Samsung has the SUR40 Microsoft PixelSense that isn’t available to consumers yet but enables guests to watch tv, control smart appliances and more. The ideas are vast for how many different areas of your home smart technology will touch in the upcoming years.

10.) Automation in every part of your home:

While smart technologies are used for saving energy, water and adding safety, there are other factors that homeowners love, automation. Similar to the science fiction movies that we all fell in love with years ago. Today many of those futuristic amenities have come to life.

From automating your interior shades and exterior awnings from your bedroom to controlling your pool temperature, lighting and music . Before your guests arrive – all at the touch of a finger is mind-blowing. In this new era, smart home technology is fast and ever changing. Try these 10 ideas in your home and see how your lifestyle changes for the better.