smart hotel control solutions example

Hotel Solution – Smart Room Control

  • Power saving through smart management of room’s energy systems
  • Better quality of service based on on-line information from hotel room
  • Security level increase both for the guest in room and the hotel itself
  • Flexible solution applicable for all types of hotel rooms
  • Air-conditioning system management based on room occupancy and daily plan
  • Authorized surveilance of entering, exiting and presence in room


  • SOS alarm, room service, “do not disturb” presence indication
  • Local temperature adjustment within given limits
  • Sleep regime of air-conditioning system, delayed fan start until guest is asleep
  • Fan coil manual adjustment option
  • Signal control for open door, window or water in bathroom
  • Monitoring of hotel staff activities


Choose Your Perfect Setting

Our system can be configured and programmed based on your needs. Whether it’s a small room or a double room or apartment, we can find the best solution for maximum comfort and saving. You can choose an option with card holder or PIR sensor, different controllers based on number of elements, different setting of room controllers, and even design of the room panels.

Here are some of the examples of room topology, for a smaller and larger rooms and option with PIR sensor for movement detection. Also presented are options with standard and glass room units. However, we offer much more, and our team is here to offer the best solution for any particular case.