There are many benefits to using Smart Hotel Control. To hotel owners and management, it brings savings, more efficient control of hotel staff and overall hotel activities and ease of maintenance. To guests, it brings maximum comfort and security. 


By optimizing energy consumption, our solution brings major savings and improves hotel’s bottom line. Since energy consumption is one of the largest operating costs in hotels, its smart management enables more efficient control of hotel’s expenses saving up to 30%.

Smart Hotel Control benefit - Savings

Eco Friendly

By cutting energy consumption, our solution is going along with green trends in building technology. Saving the environment has become a very important mission for humanity and with our solution hotels can make a small contribution to that mission.

Smart Hotel Control benefit - Eco Friendly


One of the key tasks in hospitality industry is bringing comfort to guests.
By making it easy to control room elements, with intuitive panels and ease of access, our solution brings major comfort to guests.

Smart Hotel Control benefit - Comfort


Another important issue in hotel business is security. With RFID cards with security codes, safety in building can be guaranteed. Security level is increased by alarm signals instantly sent to the monitoring computer.

Smart Hotel Control benefit - Security


Our controllers are programmable, making it easy for our clients to choose the perfect room setting in their hotel. Whether it’s a small simple hotel, or a luxurious one, we have a solution that can cover many options.

Smart Hotel Control benefit - Programmability


You can choose between glass and plastic panels, different colors and pictogram designs, so that it best suits your hotel interior design. Different styles of room panels make them adjustable to any room design.

Smart Hotel Control benefit - Design