Smart Hotel Automation Solution - Technology - Communication

Communication infrastructure

  • Room controllers are connected per floors or sections by BACnet MS/TP IP connection RS485 with BACnet router C4.WBR.02
  • One MS/TP line can connect for example up to 254 C2.FNC.34 functional controllers. Length of the communication line is maximum 1000 m.
  • BACnet router is connected to the monitoring server by ethernet connection on BACnet/IP protocol
  • Our system communicates with PMS and BMS and any other external system such as fire protection system
  • Central server (SHC-R) has SCADA functionality and can be extended with various data link and visualization modules
  • SHC-R acts as a communication bridge with Fidelio

Software overview

  • Our system uses standard BACnet and Modbus protocols
  • Modular – supports different data sources and data visualization modes
  • Micros Fidelio is one of the most widely used hotel property management systems
  • Smart Hotel Control integrates through FIAS into hotel systems that use Micros Fidelio
  • Micros Fidelio covers reservations, guests, rooms, keys, state of equipment in rooms, hotel staff, paid contents (swimming pools, saunas, parking, etc.)
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