Smart Hotel Automation Solutions - Technology - Room Controls

Build with intention to enable interior designers to achieve outstanding design results, this series of PLCs stands out by its unique glass based user interface. The glass colour and patterns are fully customizable allowing for plethora of options for designers to work with. With numerous options and built in modularity it is a genuine refreshment on the market enabling new possibilities.

Remote Display Unit

This series of products has been originally intended for applications in hotel systems of different complexities. However, it has been shown that it can be deployed with the same ease within business, office or residential spaces and areas.

IO Expanders

Responsibility for a broad choice of interfaces and types of inputs and outputs lays with these modules. They empower the easy functional transformation of all the units from the series. In the same time they facilitate various types of inputs and outputs to be present while enabling connectivity protocols and interfaces.

Intelligent User Interfaces

The series brings to life a concept of modularity which allows it to achieve easy functional transformations and enable a multitude of IO and communication options. Combining frontal glass panel with variable add-ons, provides the possibility of a great number of different devices.