Smart Hotel Control Solutions - Access Control

access-1  Access Control

Access control uses RFID cards, each with unique code. There are three types of cards:

  • Guests – When a guest registers at the reception, card code is sent to the room controller of the booked room with the validation period. When the guest checks out, the card is automatically deactivated, or it can be deactivated manually. This type of cards opens room door and doors to different hotel extra contents such as fitness centres, pools, parking lot (it can be defined upon checking in and can be manually changed)
  • Maintenance – open all room doors and utility room doors. Each usage of this type of card to enter rooms is registered and sent to monitoring computer. Maintenance cards can be further divided into cards for cleaning ladies, handymen, doormen, with different usage rights.
  • Super user – open all doors.
  • When a guest checks in, card is issued and its ID is sent to the room controller. Several cards can be issued at the same time for one room.