Room Display Unit RG.RDA.03

RG.RDA.03 is a programmable remote display unit designed for Guest Room Management System, Smart Hotel Control, Home Automation and Building Automation Systems. It can be used as user interface in various home automation systems.
Device features QVGA (320×240) TFT color display, 10 capacitive keys with two color dimmable backlight and embedded temperature probe.
The device communicates with the rest of the system using RS485 port.
The device can provide additional functionality thanks to a collection of analog and digital inputs and outputs.


  • 44″ QVGA color display
  • 10 capacitive keys with bicolor backlight
  • Embedded temperature probe
  • High level of flexibility thanks to a wide range of IO resources
  • Configuration, programming and debugging is done using PC based tool through USB port
  • Resource sharing between controllers through BACnet network. Data sharing is performed without intervention of the supervisory system
  • Jumper selectable standard polarizing and termination resistors on RS485 terminal

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