Smart Hotel Control - Access Control

Access control

Access control uses RFID cards, each with unique code. There are three types of cards: Guests, Maintenance and Super user – open all doors

Smart Hotel Control - Sensors / Metering

Sensors / Metering

All local signalization is sent to monitoring computer where status is shown in real time

Smart Hotel Control - Switches and Sockets

Switches and Sockets

Our solution brings high level of comfort for guests enabling them to easily communicate with hotel staff to create a room environment according to their own needs

Smart Hotel Control - Climate Control

Climate Control

Control of cold and hot water valves, fan speed control, air temperature measuring, water temperature measuring, water temperature changing

Smart Hotel Control - Shutters Management

Shutters Management

Single or centralized management of shutters, motors & shadings. Open or close blinds and shutters at the press of a button.

Smart Hotel Control - Lighting Management

Lighting Control

Control of room lighting and welcome light. When room is empty, lights are out. When a guest enters a room, a welcome light is automatically switched on