BACnet PLC – C2.LPD.04

Lighting Phase Cut Dimmer C2.LPD.04 is a programmable and configurable Leading or Trailing edge phase cut dimmer designed for a wide range of tasks in Building Automation, Smart Home and Guest Room Management System.
It can work as an independent device or as a part of an overall building infrastructure. In latter case it communicates over BACnet or Modbus to the rest of the infrastructure. With the accompanying jPLCPRO software, it can be programmed and configured.
The device can be connected to BMS and supports 4 dimming channels. Each channel can be independently configured in leading or trailing edge mode.



  • Up to 4 channels phase cut dimmer
  • Selectable mode of operation either leading or trailing edge independently for each channel
  • Supports all types of dimmable light sources
  • Programmable device
  • Supported protocols: BACnet, Modbus RTU and Modbus ASCII
  • Programming is done using PC application
  • Configuration, programming and debugging through USB port
  • RTC (real-time clock) with backup power supply
  • Standalone operation as an option

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