BACnet PLC – C2.LDC.01

DALI Master Gateway C2.LDC.01 is a programmable device with a wide range of light control options designed for a wide range of tasks in Building Automation, Smart Home and Guest Room Management System. It converts BACnet or Modbus to DALI protocol.
It also works as a power supply for DALI bus, with short circuit protection. With accompanying jPLCPro software, it can be programmed for a variety of tasks including dimming, delayed actions, special programs, etc.
It can be connected to BMS. Up to 64 DALI devices is supported.



  • DALI power supply + Master + Gateway
  • Programmable device
  • DALI master with possibility of sending all standard DALI commands
  • BACnet to DALI gateway
  • Modbus to DALI gateway
  • Programming is done using PC application
  • Configuration, programming and debugging through a USB port
  • Stand alone operation option

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